ExiProgen™ is an instrument that automatically synthesizes protein from DNA. This product performs In-vitro transcription and translation automatically when loaded with DNA coding a protein and a protein synthesis kit. By purifying this protein through affinity chromatography method, more than 90% pure protein can be obtained within 6 hours and up to 16 species can be produced at one time. In addition, highly expressed affinity tagged proteins can be purified in cell lines with high purity.                                                                                                 

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Principle of protein synthesis and purification

Protein synthesis using ExiProgen™ is carried out using its compatible ExiProgen™ Protein Synthesis Kit Series. ExiProgen™ performs protein expression using Cell-free Protein Synthesis system, and affinity purification using Ni-NTA magnetic beads, both in a fully-automated way. After adding a target gene to the template DNA sample and running the instrument, the protein is expressed in 3 hours with the help of Cell-free Protein Expression reagent. The expressed protein is then collected using Ni-NTA magnetic bead, and is purified using a reagent to yield a final high-purity target proteins. 

Nucleic Acid Extraction Principle

ExiProgen™ DNA/RNA Kit consists of reagents and silica magnetic beads optimized for efficient nucleic acid extraction from various samples. The nucleic acid eluted from the sample is collected by a silica magnetic bead, washed with a washing solution and extracted with a high purity nucleic acid.

Product Function

  • Fast protein production
    From Template DNA, purified proteins of up to 16 types can be collected in about 6 hours

  • DNA/RNA Purification
    Genomic DNA auto-purification from various biological samples such as animal, plant blood or tissue

  • Affinity protein purification
    Automatic purification of protein through affinity method (His-tag purification, Protein A/G/L purification)

Features and Benefits

  • Built-in optimized nucleic acid and protein synthesis protocol

    Simplified usage and reproducible results with built-in nucleic acid extraction and protein purification protocols optimized for various samples (whole blood, tissue, cell, bacteria, plant, etc.)

  • High stability

    Minimized protein denaturation by installing cooling reaction block inside the instrument keeping the temperature of elution tube rack below 10°C

  • High-pure nucleic acid extraction & protein purification

    Quick performance of nucleic acid extraction and protein purification with great purity and efficiency by attaching magnetic particles to the bottom of each well equally and rapidly by magnetic blocks attached to the instrument
    Increased elution efficiency allowing complete evaporation of alcohols by its heating block (Korean Patent No. 10-1025135)

  • Contamination prevention device

    Substantial blocking of cross-contamination, which may occur in other wells by the aerosols generated from the tip, through the sophisticated designs drop-contamination prevention device located at the bottom of the filter tip

  • Automatic UV sterilization Function

    Sterilization to prevent infection for the users by the samples through the UV lamp installed inside the instrument

  • Easy-to-use

    User-friendly UI capable of checking the experimental progress rate real-time without the need of seperate PC by equipping with a 13.3-inch touch screen on the front of the device

  • Excellent precision

    Minimized error range, that may occur during the automatic dispensing of the solution, through installment of an adjustable syringe motor up to 0.1 mm capable of stably distributing in a volume of 25 ㎕ ~ 1000 ㎕ for application to various protocols and obtaining of experimental results


  • Enzyme engineering
  • Protein evolution
  • Synthetic biology
  • Bio-energy R&D
  • Protein drug R&D

Experimental Procedure

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