Gene to Protein Synthesis Custom Order

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  • Services related to gene synthesis require some time to ship. Please order separately from the other products.
  • Only orders before 16:00 KST will start on the same day. (If we need to receive your samples, it will start on the date of their arrival.)
  • COVID-19 / Inf A, B related gene synthesis and cloning service are not available.
  • For genes exceeding 3kb, please fill out the Order Form and send it to



Gene to Protein Service is an integrated “gene synthesis-protein synthesis” service which can provide proteins and genes within at least 2 weeks at a reasonable price. Depending on the method of gene synthesis, it is classified as Standard and Cloning-free service with a wide variety of synthesizable proteins.

1. Standard Service
Standard Service synthesizes genes based on our Gene Synthesis Service. It is cloned into an expression vector for E. coli, followed by the protein synthesis service.

2. Cloning-free Service
 Cloning-free Service synthesizes genes based on our AccuGeneBlock Service. PCR products are used to synthesize proteins. This service takes shorter time to complete than the other.

Features and Benefits

  • Advanced protein synthesis system

    Synthesis of various proteins (enzymes, growth factors, hormones, antigen proteins, antibodies, etc.) possible, including toxic proteins that could not be done by traditional cell culture method.

  • Accuracy

    100% guaranteed exact sequences using Automatic DNA sequencer (ABI 3730) 

  • Codon optimization service

    Complimentary codon optimization for custom gene to enhance protein expression and function.

  • Compatibility

    Manufacture of target protein possible to be done by oneself if necessary, as this service utlizes Bioneer’s protein synthesis kits.

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