ExiProgen™ EC-Disulfide Protein Synthesis Kit (8 reactions)

ExiProgen™ EC-Disulfide Protein Synthesis Kit allows automatic synthesis of proteins with disulfide bonds capable of acquiring maximum of 8 types in a single reaction. As proteins with 9 disulfide bonds can be easily synthesized, it is much more efficient to use then protein expression using cells. After mounting the kit including the template DNA to the ExiProgen™, by operating the Protocol No. 905, all the reactions from the expression, purification, and dialysis are fully automated, with the final target proteins recovered dissolved in the storage buffer.

※ This product is shipped in dry ice and ice pack by cartridge

Application Note

• Antibody and its fragments expression in ExiProgen

• Synthesis of Periplasmic AppA Protein using ExiProgen

Cat. No.

Features and Benefits

  • Disulfide bond protein synthesis

    Regulation of the protein expression environment to form disulfide bonds

  • Fully automated system

    Automatic synthesis & purification of the target protein only within 36 hours just by activating ExiProgen™ mounted with the cartridge having the template DNA.

  • Concurrent multiprotein synthesis/purification/dialysis

    Simultaneous synthesis, purification, and dialysis of 1 ~ 8 different kinds of proteins with disulfide bonds

  • Reproducibility

    Reproducible results through optimized protocols of automated devices to easily get about 50 μg protein.


• Antibody screening

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