MagListo™ Protein A Kit

MagListo™ Protein A Kit allows rapid and easy purification of antibodies using magnetic seperation method. It consists of Protein A Magnetic Nanobead and buffer for antibodies purification. Magnetic Nanobeads use silica beads containing magnetic particles and are coated on the beads with high purity (> 95%).  These characteristics allow specific recognition of antibodies and purification of 800 μg Human IgG per 1 ml of bead solution. The recovered samples can be applied to antibody purification, immunoprecipitation, antigen-antibody interaction studies, protein complex studies, cell separation, etc.

※This product is shipped with ice pack.

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Features and Benefits

  • Reduced experimental time

    Rapid with minimized loss through powerful magnetism of Magnetic Nanobeads

  • High binding capacity

    Large surface area of Magnetic Nanobeads with average diameter of 400nm

  • Strong specificity

    Reduced non-specific binding through the use of homogeneous spherical nanobeads


• Antibody purification

• Immunoprecipitation

• Antigen-Antibody interaction studies

• Protein complex studies

• Cell separation

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