Standard Protein Synthesis Service

Bioneer’s Standard Protein Synthesis Service provides recombinant proteins within at least 1 week. This service uses an automatic protein synthesis system (ExiProgen™  Protein Synthesis System) to synthesize various proteins such as enzymes, growth factors, and hormones.

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Principle of Protein Synthesis Service using ExiProgen™ is shown below.

Add template DNA for target protein expression into protein synthesis kit and install in ExiProgen™ to get the purified protein.

The process of protein synthesis is in two steps.

Proteins are expressed by using E. coli cell-free protein expression and purified by Ni-affinity.

They are provided dissolved form in storage buffer.

Features and Benefits

  • Reduced experimental time

    Delivery within 1 week through protein synthesis by E. coli cell-free protein expression and Ni-affinity purification

  • Advanced expression technologies

    Synthesis of various proteins (enzymes, growth factors, hormones, antigens, antibodies, toxin proteins, etc.) difficult to be done in the existing in vivo technology

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