MDx Platform

Molecular diagnostics(MDx) is one of the in vitro diagnostic method composed with nucleic acid extraction, Real-Time PCR and results analysis. The features of MDx are high sensitivity and specificity. To maximize the features, MDx systems with superior performance is needed.
ExiStation™ series are the MDx system which have been developed BIONEER’s patent technologies. User can choose the system according to daily test number, lab scale and/or test type.
Also, high throughput nucleic acid extractor, ExiPrep™ 96 Lite provides more rapid and large scale extraction.


ExiStation™ is the automatic molecular diagnostic system composed with nucleic acid extractor, ExiPrep™ 16Dx and real-time PCR, Exicycler™ 96. This system have flexible configuration since max. 3 ExiPrep™ 16Dx can be connected depending on the lab scale, capacity and purpose. Also, The whole process proceeded to pipetting free that allows reduced user error and increased convenience.


 Existation1+1ExiStation™ (1+1)

ExiPrep™ 16Dx (1ea) + Exicycler™ 96 (1ea)

• Suitable for local lab with small daily test number

• Efficient diagnosis with minimized well loss



ExiPrep™ 16Dx (2ea) + Exicycler™ 96 (1ea)

• Simultaneous diagnosis is available

- Regardless of sample type

- Diagnosis of co-infection in a run



ExiPrep™ 16Dx (3ea) + Exicycler™ 96 (1ea)

• Max. 144 tests / day based on 8hr-workday

• Detect various target simultaneously using full packaged system

• Applicable for diagnosis of various scale according to user need



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