ExiProgen™ Dialysis Kit, 16 Rxn

ExiProgen™ Dialysis Kit allows to go through dialysis using the world's first automated protein synthesis instrument, ExiProgen™. The buffer to be exchanged is loaded in the cartridge included in the kit. After mounting it on the device, protocols can be activated to exchange up to 16 different kinds of proteins simultaneously for buffer, with the final targets dissolved in the desired buffer. 

※This product is shipped with ice pack.

Cat. No.

Features and Benefits

  • High efficiency 

    Exchange with a desired buffer using a small amount

  • Economic and user-friendly

    Buffer exchange possible even at a low temperature using automatic instrument without an additional cooling system

  • Fully automated system

    All processes automated after loading the samples 

  • Parallel Processing

    Simultaneous processing of buffers for 1~16 different proteins exchanged for optimized buffer 


• Protein buffer exchange

• Protein optimal buffer screening

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