ExiPrep™ Tissue Genomic DNA Kit (96 reactions)

ExiPrep™ Tissue Genomic DNA Kit allows rapid extraction of highly pure genomic DNA with high yield from animal tissue samples using automatic nucleic acid extraction instruments: ExiPrep™16 series (ExiPrep™16, ExiPrep™16 Plus) and ExiProgen™. Pre-filled buffer cartridges with essential reagents for nucleic acid extraction can be used to isolate maximum of 16 samples simultaneously with ease. Furthermore, following the preparation method in the user manual, the Tissue Lysis Buffer and Proteinase K included in this product can effectively break down animal tissues.

Application Note

 ExiPrep™ Tissue Genomic DNA Kit_Animal tissue(mouse).pdf

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Features and Benefits

  • Pre-filled buffer cartidge system
    Diluted enzymes and reagents essential for nucleic acid extraction

  • Great lysis optimization
    Tissue Lysis Buffer and consumables (Disposable filter tip, Elution tube, etc.) included in the kit for various animal tissue lysis 

  • Quick purification time
    Simultaneous processing of at least 1 to 16 large samples at maximum

  • High-quality, high-yield quick productivity 
    Implementation of Silica Magnetic Particles developed and produced by Bioneer's proprietary technology

  • High reproducibility
    Reliable results through the use of automatic nucleic acid extraction instrument (ExiPrep™ 16, ExiPrep™ 16 Plus, ExiProgen™)



• Quantitative real-time PCR

• Gene cloning

• SNP analysis

• Genetics

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