ExiProgen™ EC-Bulk Protein Synthesis Kit

ExiProgen™ EC-Bulk Protein Synthesis Kit allows to synthesize up to 10 mg of proteins using BIONEER’s patented SECF (Stepwise Exchange Cell-Free) technology.
This kit uses Expression protocol (No. 906) and Purification protocol(No.907). All materials required for protein expression & purification are included in the kit. The final protein products will be provided in an aqueous form dissolved in the storage buffer.

※ This product is shipped in dry ice and ice pack by cartridge

Cat. No.

Easy Bulk Protein Synthesis, ExiProgen™ EC Protein Synthesis Kit

Features and Benefits

  • Productive

    Obtain up to 10 mg of purified protein per reaction.

  • Quick & Convenient

    Synthesis your proteins without the need of cell culturing, which is a time-consuming process

  • Comprehensive

    Synthesize proteins that are difficult to be done through in vivo experiments

Overview of experiment

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