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A DNA/RNA Oligonucleotide Synthesis  Show1

  1. Oligonucleotide Synthesis Service

B RNAi  Show1

  1. siRNA Synthesis Service
  2. miRNA Synthesis Service
  3. In vivo siRNA Custom Service: SAMiRNA™

C DNA/RNA Amplification   Show1

  1. DNA Amplification
  2. RNA Amplification
  3. Real-Time PCR
  4. Customized PCR

D DNA/RNA Purification  Show1

  1. Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction: ExiPrep
  2. Magnetic Bead Type Manual Nucleic Acid Extraction: MagListo
  3. Spin Column Type Manual Nucleic Acid Extraction: AccuPrep®
  4. 96-Well Vacuum Block Type Manual Nucleic Acid Extraction
  5. Solution Type Manual Nucleic Acid Extraction: AccuZol

E Gene Synthesis   Show1

  1. Gene Synthesis Service

F Sequencing  Show1

  1. Sequencing Service

G Gene Expression Analysis  Show1

  1. qPCR Array Service
  2. qPCR Array System

H Yeast Genome-wide Functional Analysis  Show1

  1. S. pombe Mutant Library
  2. S. cerevisiae VN-Fusion Library
  3. Genome-wide Drug On/Off-Target Identification Service: GPScreen

I Cloning  Show1

  1. Cloning
  2. DNA Amplification
  3. DNA Preparation

J Protein Expression and Purification  Show1

  1. Automated Protein Expression and Purification: ExiProgen
  2. Manual Protein Expression and Purification: AccuRapid™ & MagListo
  3. Preparation of Template DNA for Protein Expression
  4. Protein Service

K Ladders & Markers  Show1

  1. DNA Size Markers
  2. Protein Size Markers

L Buffers & Chemicals  Show1

  1. Buffers & Gel Stain
  2. Chemicals

M Instruments & Devices  Show1

  1. Conventional PCR: AllinOneCycler
  2. Real-Time PCR: Exicycler™ 96
  3. Protein Synthesis and Purification: ExiProgen
  4. DNA/RNA Preparation: ExiPrep™ 16 Plus & ExiCracker
  5. Electrophoresis : Agaro-Power
  6. Microbial Culture: HT-MegaGrow®
  7. Vortexing & Spin-down: ExiSpin
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