AllInOneCycler™ PCR system

The AllInOneCycler™ 96 well PCR system uses a unique thermal block and temperature control technology to increase the maximum ramp rate to 6.5 ° C / sec. This instrument is capable of getting accurate results and switching blocks from 4 types according to the experimental purpose.

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Features and Benefits

  • Shortened reaction time & Increased ramping rate

    Increased ramping rate to 6.5 ° C / sec with the use of unique thermal block and advanced temperature control technology; up to 9.5 ° C / sec if equipped with special alloy thermal block * 
    Shortened experimental time allowing to save valuable time and energy

    Figure1. Comparison of running time and PCR results between AllInOneCycler (with normal block) and a competitor equipment

  • Excellent temperature accuracy and uniformity

    Reproducible results through improved temperature uniformity and accuracy using precise temperature control system

    Figure 2. Comparison of PCR results in 24 wells of 96-well block and 384-well block

  • Interchangeable thermal block

    Selective use with interchangeable thermal blocks capable of choosing between 4 of those types depending on the purpose of the experiment
    96-well, 384-wells included for comprehensive choice of sample sizes as well as normal and special alloy thermal blocks for required ramp rate 

    Figure 3. Diagram showing two types of thermal blocks along with the method to replace them (left: 96-well, right: 384-well)

  • Thermal gradient function

    Minimized time and reduced experimental protocols to easily find the optimum test conditions at once just by using the thermal gradient function

    Figure 4. Setting the PCR condition using the thermal gradient PCR function in the AllInOneCycleler™ (human genomic DNA, CFS2 gene, 830 bp)

  • Easy to use interface

    High convenience through 7-inch LCD touch screen and user-friendly UI with 8 template protocols provided for a simple set up
    Easily control multiple instruments simultaneously and monitor their massive sample sizes by using a PC program provided separately from us

    Figure 5. Screen composition of AllInOneCycler™. (a) Start screen, (b) Protocol creation and modification screen, (c) Template protocol selection screen

  • Compact and simple design

    Simple, sophisticated design with a small size making it easy to be moved around and placed even in a small laboratory with a narrow space

    Figure 6. Front, back, side design of AllInOneCycler

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