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  • Bioneer ensures the high efficiency of dual-labelled probes through a two-step quality control system:
    1. First Step: Molecular weight measurement via MALDI-TOF analysis
    2. Second Step: Fluorescence intensity check using Filter Max5
  • For fluorescent dye attachment to oligonucleotides that are 100mers or longer, please contact us at order@bioneer.co.kr.
  • When dealing with primers for sequencing or cloning, we recommend PAGE purification.

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Bioneer, founded in 1992 as a domestic venture company, is the largest DNA and RNA synthesis company in Korea that provides the highest quality oligo. Bioneer DNA Synthesis Center has a worldwide synthesis capability continuing to expand its production line, research, and development to become the world's largest gene synthesis company. With independently developed technologies such as HT-OligoTM 384 synthesizers, 384 parallel automatic dispensers, and automatic dosing dispensers, we can synthesize 30,500 oligos per day.

Bioneer's Oligo Synthesis service supplies high quality Oligo by automating all processes from order to synthesis, inspection and packaging by ‘Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) system’. Noticeably, Bio-RP ultra-high purity purification system enables production of high pure oligos to provide those to various research institutes and companies for their experiments such as PCR and sequencing, along with a wide range of applications such as SNP typing, Gene synthesis, DNA chip, etc.


All Oligo Synthesis services are conducted in a clean room and applied with AccuOligo® system to be supplied in nuclease-free, DNA-free dried form. In case of conventional synthesis services, there is a chance that dried oligos may fall during their delivery from shaking and impacts. If their containers are opened in this state, parts of oligos may fall out, leading to yield loss. This may be much more severe when ordered to be in plates as cross-contaminations may occur.

To solve this problem, our researchers have developed AccuOligo® technology which allows the synthesized oligonucleotides to stick at the bottom of the tube even under intense vibrations.
(Dried oligonucleotide composition of the new patent application' Patent 2006 Registration Number 10-0777249)


- Preventing dislodging and loss of oligos during production, packaging and shipping

- Containing “Leak Inhibitors” not affecting protocols such as PCR, Sequencing, Enzyme cutting, etc.

- Overcoming the phenomenon of which trace amounts of oligos being attached to the lid of the container

- Avoiding contamination between each well in a plate

Features and Benefits

  • Meticulous quality control

    A total of 7 MALDI-TOF spectrometers used for performing full QC inspection

  • High quality oligo

    Supply of nuclease-free, DNA-free oligos by synthesizing in a clean room and eliminating of truncated failures including n-1 mer with our proprietary Bio-RP high-purity purification system

  • Accuate Concentration

    Delivery of exact concentration by using Accuoligo® technology, an automatic dosing dispenser to prevent the loss of oligo during transportation and opening

  • Automated Production

    Utilization of the world’s first automated production line processing all the protocols from order to synthesis, QC, and packaging automatically using ‘Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) system’.

  • Mass production capability

    Ability to produce maximum of 30,500 synthetic genes per day

  • Financial pricing

    Self-production of raw-materials ensuring stabilized delivery and consistent quality

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