AccuNanoBead™ Ni-NTA Magnetic Beads, size 400nm (0.5 g/25 ml)

Magnetic beads are used as materials for cell experiments, DNA purification and disease observation, and can also be used as materials for direct treatment. This AccuNanoBead™ have the advantages of high Binding Capacity due to their relatively large surface area because they are nano-sized.

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Recently, there have been many researches applying magnetic beads in the field of biology: from cellular experiments and DNA purification to disease monitoring and even disease treatment. The surface of magnetic beads are coated with functional groups that allows binding of DNA, RNA, proteins, and specific cells. Afterwards, the beads are moved or attached to a desired position through external magnetic fields to perform purification. In addition, while conventional Magnetic Beads are micro-sized, this AccuNanoBeads™ is nano-sized, bearing the advantages of high binding capacity due to their relatively large surface area.

Features and Benefits

  • Miniscule size
    Average sizes of 400 nm magnetic nanobeads 

  • Uniformed size distribution

  • Sphere form of silica coated magnetic nanobeads

  • Excellent protein purification efficiency

  • Rapid purification


• Magnetic DNA/RNA Purification

• Magnetic Protein Purification

• Magnetic Biosimilar Separation

• Magnetic Antibody Separation

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