pBIVT Vector Set-1 (each 5 μg)

pBIVT Vector Set-1 (pBIVT-1, pBIVT-2) is cell-free protein expression and can be applied to protein expression and synthesis kits from our company.

※This product is shipped in dry ice.

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This product is a vector for cell-free protein expression kits produced by Bioneer.
Two types of plasmids are included with six Histidine amino acid markers available at the N-terminus (pBIVT-1) or C-terminus (pBIVT-2) of the target proteins.
The structure of the vector is shown below.

① pBIVT-1’s MCS (Multi Cloning Site) sequences

② pBIVT-2’s MCS (Multi Cloning Site) sequences
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