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  • Services related to gene synthesis require some time to ship. Please order separately from the other products.
  • Only orders before 16:00 KST will start on the same day. (If we need to receive your samples, it will start on the date of their arrival.)
  • COVID-19 / Inf A, B related gene synthesis and cloning service are not available.
  • For genes exceeding 3kb, please fill out the Order Form and send it to


Gene synthesis service of the first and the largest scale in KOREA

Our products guarantee 100% accuracy of your ordered DNA or protein sequences with minimized time. 
Bioneer utilizes its independently developed "HT-oligo™ Synthesizer" for the most advanced technology to synthesize an oligo. 
From 1995, our company has started gene synthesis for the first time in Korea and supplied countless amounts of synthetics genes.
With our continuous endeavor and long experience to reduce the delivery time and cost, we are always trying our best to provide the best service as possible

• Accuracy

Guaranteed exact plasmid DNA sequences with Bioneer's Gene synthesis service

• Rapid

Gene synthesis avaliable only within minimum of 5 days

• AccuGeneBlock Service

Quick and easy service providing DNA fragments of 1 Kbp or less in at least 3 days for synthetic biology research

Gene Synthesis Rapid Gene Synthesis AccuGeneBlock
Delivery Form Plasmid DNA Plasmid DNA DNA Fragmant (PCR product)
Gene length 1 bp ~ 1 ~ 1500 bp 100 ~ 1000 bp
Turnaround Time Average of 7 ~ working days Guaranteed 8 working days 3 ~ 6 working days

Features and Benefits

  • Rapid and economical

    Fast and reasonable price by constructing integrated production system from raw materials (phosphoramidite, reagents and solvents) to high-speed oligo synthesizer

  • Accurate quality

    Guaranteed 100% sequence using Automatic DNA sequencer (ABI 3730)

  • Codon optimization service

    Accumulated experience and techniques for optimization of protein expression and codon

  • Comprehensive vector choice

    Wide range of choices for compatible vectors according to the desired applications at a reasonable price and time

* By using the world's first protein automatic synthesizer ExiProgen developed by Bioneer, maximum of 16 proteins can be obtained with fully automated protocols only within six hours from synthetic genes

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