Agaro-Power™ System

Agaro-Power™ is an agarose gel electrophoresis system allowing to quickly load 96 samples using a multipipette. 

Grouped product items
Product Name Qty
Agaro-Power™ System [A-7020]
Power Supply [A-7020-1]
Agar Tank/Lid [A-7020-2]
Comb Set [A-7020-3]
Comb (25 well / 34 well) [A-7020-3-1]
Comb (13 well / 34 well) [A-7020-3-2]
Comb (15 well / 34 well) [A-7020-3-3]
Comb (21 well / 34 well) [A-7020-3-4]
Gel Caster/Tray [A-7020-4]
Cable Jack [A-7020-5]


This product is equipped with a loading adapter on the device cover, which allows samples to be injected within a minute. Furthermore, the tank is made of polycarbonate composition and has excellent durability.

Simultaneous loading of 12 samples using a loading adapter and a 12-ch pipette

Figure. Simultaneous loading of 12 samples with loading adapter and 12-ch pipette

Features and Benefits

Easy observation of electrophoresis process through the transparent tank and lid
Loading adaptor
Simple and precise loading of samples in a 96-well quickly by the loading adaptar located on the lid
Adjustment through ON / OFF system and supply low (75V) or high voltage (150V)

Gel caster/tray
Convenient procedure through gel caster and tray, with scales to easily make gels of same thickness 

When using two combs, easily seperate the gel by using a dam 
(Comb set must be purchased seperately, but if you purchase Agaro-Power™ System, we will provide 4 comb sets of 34/25/21/15/13 wells per line)

Comb set
4 type of comb sets, with two sides made into different types of wells having 34-well on one side while having 25/21/15/13 wells on the other, to be used depending on the experimental protocol to be used 

Convenient for large capacity experiment by the use of 34-well comb allowing to load 96 samples at once

Cable jack
Convenient connection with the power supply compatible with Agaro-Power™ through a cable jack 

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