GreenStar™ Nucleic Acid Staining Solution I

GreenStar™ Nucleic Acid Staining Solution I serves as an alternative to Ethidium Bromide (EtBr) for a safe nucleic acid staining reagent harmless to humans. It is provided with 200X concentration with 50 mL volume and can be used about 100 times. This product is used for pre-casting gel and post staining. With its high sensitivity, nucleic acids can be clearly seen even in concentration below 5 ng/band. The wavelengths for excitation and emission are 496 nm and 522 nm. Either UV-transilluminator or DUALED Blue / White Transilluminator is used for visualization of stained nucleic acids, but the latter is recommended for higher sensitivity.

※This product is shipped in dry ice.

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Features and Benefits

  • Safety

    Harmless fluorescent dyes capable of serving as a safe replacement for EtBr solutions which, on the other hand, have a risk of DNA mutation

  • High sensitivity

    Highly sensitive fluorescent dyes allowing observation of nucleic acids even in miniscule quantities less than 5 ng / band (DUALED Blue / White Transilluminator recommended)

  • Low DNA damage

    Minimized DNA damage during the staining process through the use of DUALED Blue / White Transilluminator during the observation of nucleic acid 

  • Cost-efficiency 

    Low price compared to other products while using traditional UV-transilluminator or DUALED Blue / White Transilluminator without the need of additional equipments. 

  • Convenience

    Same procedure of gel pre-casting and nucleic acid post-staining as using EtBr solution; de-staining stage during the post-staining step is not required

  • Reproducibility

    Meticulous production after stringent QC processes under ISO 9001 quality systems providing reproducible test results.


  • Cloning

  • PCR

  • Sequencing

  • Electrophoresis

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