AccuNanoBead™ Protein L Magnetic Nanobeads, size 400nm (40 mg/1 ml)

AccuNanoBead™ Protein L Magnetic Nanobeads contains silica magnetic nanobeads coated with high purity (> 95%) of Protein L. 1 ml of bead solution is available for purification of various antibodies including  800 μg or more of Human IgG and is compatible with Bead of ExiProgen Kit. It can be applied to antibody purification, immunoprecipitation, antigen-antibody interaction studies, protein complex studies, cell separation, etc.

※This product is shipped with ice pack.

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Features and Benefits

  • Reduced experimental time

    Diminished experimental time without loss through powerful magnetism of Magnetic Nanobeads

  • High binding capacity

    Large surface area of Magnetic Nanobeads with average diameter of 400nm

  • Strong specificity

    Reduced non-specific binding through the use of homogeneous spherical nanobeads


• Antibody purification

• Antigen purification

• Immunoprecipitation

• Protein-protein interaction

• Cell separation

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