MagListo™ Magnetic Separation Rack

MagListo™ Magnetic Separation Rack is a separation device that uses magnetic nanobeads to extract nucleic acids or purify proteins. This product uses silicon fixture to hold tubes, allowing them to be easily inserted and removed. However, those will not slide out even if the rack is turned upside down, allowing the solution inside to be easily disposed simply by inverting it without using a pipette. Not only that, but thanks to its magnetic force, our product also allows faster isolation and purification than conventional column racks. Depending on the amount and number of samples needed, select the appropriate product: MagListo™-8Ch (Use with 8 multichannel  pipette), MagListo™-2, MagListo™-2-12h  (Use with 2 ml tube), MagListo™-15 (Use with 15 ml tube) and MagListo™-50 (Use with 50 ml tube).

As low as $290.00
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Features and Benefits

  • Comprehensive
    Isolation of plasmic DNA, genomic DNA, and/or RNA only in 5~20 minutes depending on the sample volume and device specifications

  • Effectiveness 
    Quick and easy purification of His-tagged protein

  • Convenience
    Simple disposal of waste solution just by fliping the rack without the use of centrifuge or pipette as the silicon fixture secures the tube

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