AccuRapid™ Maxi Protein Expression kit (1 reaction)

AccuRapid™ Protein Expression Kit allows expression of desired protein in a reaction tube within 3 hours using the template DNA. This product is composed of E. coli extract containing T7 RNA polymerase, ribosome, etc. and Master Mix containing amino acid, NTPs, energy source, etc, making the target protein expression easily detectable when the template DNA is ready.

※This product is shipped in dry ice.

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Features and Benefits

  • Rapid production

    Protein expression from the prepared template DNA (Plasmid or PCR product) within just 3 hours

  • Convenience

    All the elements needed for the expression are included in the kit.

  • Diversity

    Wide range of synthesizable protein sizes (10 ~ 150 kDa) from various types of DNA (plasmid or PCR product).

  • Advanced expression technologies

    Expression of proteins (cell-toxic proteins, antibody, membrane proteins, viral proteins, etc.) difficult to be done in the existing in vivo technology

  • Comprehensiveness

    Compatible with fully automatic protein synthesis instrument, ExiProgen™ EC Protein Synthesis Kit products and used for finding optimal concentration of template DNA.

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