MagListo™ His-tagged Protein Purification Kit (5 reactions)

MagListo™ His-tagged Protein Purification Kit allows easy purification of His-tagged proteins through magnetic separation by Ni-NTA Magnetic Nanobeads and buffers. With an average diameter of 400 nm, the beads have large surface areas with excellent binding capacity and can be recovered quickly without any loss through their strong magnetic force. These characteristics can quickly reduce the experimental time and the increase the yield. About 3~4 mg of 6x His-tagged proteins can be bound on to about 1 ml of Magnetic Nanobeads. 

※This product is shipped with ice pack.

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Features and Benefits

  • Quick isolation

    His-tagged proteins can be purified quickly and easily.

  • High-purity

    Spherical shape magentic beads with good binding ability allow high-purity isolation of target proteins

  • Efficient screening

    Use of crude cell lysate for efficient screening

  • Wide Application

    Broad compatibility with all recombinant His-tagged protein purification with His-tag expressed in vivo (E. coli expression) or in vitro (cell-free expression).

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