AccuPower® RocketScript™ RT-PCR PreMix & Master Mix, RNase H Minus

AccuPower® RocketScript™ RT-PCR PreMix, RNase H Minus is a one-step RT-PCR product that can synthesize long target RNA of cDNA by removing RNase H activity. It can be synthesized up to 12.5 kb. In addition, it has high elongation and sensitivity. It contains all the components necessary for cDNA synthesis, tracking dyes and sedimentation necessary for the electrophoresis, and can perform RT-PCR reaction directly by adding RNA, primer and D.W.

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Reaction principle

AccuPower® RocketScript™ RT-PCR PreMix, RNase H Minus is a one step RT-PCR product containing  RocketScript™ RTase, RNase H Minus, and ProFi Taq DNA polymerase with excellent processivity and fidelity, which can react at 70℃. By just using a single tube, both cDNA synthesis and two-step PCR protocol can be done to accurately produce the desired base sequences. 

Features and Benefits

  • Thermostable Activity

    Excellent thermal stability of RocketScript™ RTase, RNase H Minus retaining activity at 70℃, making it suitable for cDNA synthesis of secondary structure RNA.

  • RNase H- Activity

    Inhibiton of RNase H activity, capable of degrading  RNA / DNA hybrid generated during cDNA synthesis in RocketScript™ RTase RNase H Minus for an effective long target RNA 

  • Sensitivity & Fidelity

    Highly sensitive and accurate Profi Taq DNA polymerase capable of amplifying small amounts of large RNA.

  • User-friendly

    Simple amplification of long-size RNA difficult to be done with conventional one-step RT-PCR methods 


• Standard RT-PCR

• Long kb RT-PCR

• Virus detection

• Gene-expression analysis

Experimental data

Figure. Performance of the AccuPower® RocketScript ™ RT-PCR PreMix, RNase H Minus

AccuPower® RocketScript ™ RT-PCR PreMix, RNase H minus was used to amplify cDNAs which size are between 2.5 kb to 12.5 kb. DNA sizes are indicated above the picture. Reactions were performed with 100 ng total RNA from HeLa cells.

M1: Lambda/Hind III marker (Cat. No. D-1050, Bioneer)
M2: 1kb DNA Ladder (Cat. No. D-1040, Bioneer)

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