Primer&Probe Design and Synthesis Service

Primer & Probe Design and Synthesis Service designs and synthesizes primer and probe sets that are suitable for your experimental purposes. By providing the genetic information of desired species (human, mouse, rat, dog, etc.), we can not only design and synthesize them for conventional PCR, but also dsDNA binding dye (GreenStar™) type and hydrolysis probe type for Real-time PCR.

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Designs of PCR primer greatly affect the results. Thus, those must be optimized and tested before their use. Primer & Probe Design and Synthesis Service can provide a set of primers with our rich experiences on primer & probe designs and the most updated information on the genes listed on NCBI database RefSeq (Reference Sequence). With this, primers synthesized by this service have increased target specific amplification and decreased chance of self-primer-dimer formation.

Features and Benefits

  • Professional Design

    Customized primer design optimized for your researches, including target specificity, Tm values, and PCR product size.

  • Accurate & Economical

    Primers validated with target-specific amplification test through algorithm and BLAST, preventing any waste of time and money through mis-designed primer sets.

  • Bioneer Guarantee

    Warranty service providing free additional design if the primer set shows insufficient or non-specific amplification due to design problems.


Optimization of qPCR primer and probe

The target-specific amplification of PCR primers and probe sequences provided were tested through algorithms and BLAST.
However, non-specific amplifications and dimers may be formed due to external factors such as PCR instruments, reagents, and experimental conditions.
Therefore, it is highly recommended to use primer and probes after checking the compatibility with your conditions to get accurate results. 

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