AccuTarget™ Predesigned siRNA

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* We periodically change the gene information using NCBI data. So if you want to reorder a gene with the same base sequence, Please order item Double Strand RNA Oligo using the base sequence we have provided. If you need your order information, Please contact ''.

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Bioneer siRNAs are designed with unique algorithms to selectively target knockdown in the all genome. It is manufactured in RNase-free clean room and has proven to be highly efficient and stable after strict QC process. Using the highly efficient Turbo si-Designer, 132,000 predesigned siRNAs have been designed for 44,000 target genes in Human, Mouse and Rat.

• We have verified high target gene expression inhibition efficiency.
• We provide the Genome-wide Predesigned siRNA library for successful RNAi experiments.
• Available in 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 nmole capacities and can be ordered and delivered within 2-4 days after order confirmation.

Features and Benefits

  • High siRNA knockdown rates

    Two of the three siRNAs ordered inhibit target mRNA expression levels by over 80%.

  • High Efficiency

    Maximize siRNA knockdown efficiency while minimizing off target effect.

  • Reasonable Price

    You can see maximized efficiency versus research cost.


• Functional genomics and proteomics research

• Gene expression studies

• Array analysis

Bioneer siRNA product & qPCR Primer

Product Line Application Product Description
AccuTarget™ Genome-Wide Predesigned siRNA Library
• Screening for new drug discovery
• Target gene function study
• Confirmation gene regulation by gene cross-talk
• Provides 132,000 predesigned siRNAs for 44,000 target genes in Human / Mouse / Rat
• Life phenomena and disease related Gene family, library subset by pathway are available to purchase.
• 54,144 siRNAs prepared for immediate experimental use
AccuTarget™ Control siRNA
• siRNA knockdown control experiment
• NC: SiRNAs with minimal homology and known genes
• Fluorescence-labeled siRNA: Confirmation of transfection efficiency of siRNA

Custom Designed siRNA Synthesis

[ Double strand / Single strand ]

• Specific gene knockdown experiments
• Provide synthesized siRNA sequences provided by customers
• Provide free-design service
AccuTarget™ qPCR Primer Library
• siRNA knockdown validation
• Provide Real-time PCR primer whole library for 11,154 human genes
• All Primers are verified for ampilification efficiency through Exicycler™ 96 and AccuPower® Greenstar™ qPCR PreMix.
• High quality under 100% MALDI-TOF QC and strict manufacturing process
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