AccuPower® qPCR Array Service

Bioneer has world-class infrastructure and know-how, and all the procedures of qPCR experiment using it follow the guideline of MIQE (Minimum Information for Publication of Quantitative Real-Time PCR Experiments). The whole process is done by experienced professionals, so you can get accurate and reliable results quickly.

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Features and Benefits

  • Quick & Accurate real-time PCR data following the MIQE Guideline

    Bioneer’s gene expression analysis service provides high quality data following *MIQE Guideline designed for Real-Time PCR experts. Accurate results can be quickly gained and readily presented to your paper. Those are verified with papers published by our past customers.

    *The Minimum Information for Publication of Quantitative Real-Time PCR Experiments (MIQE) “qPCR gene expression analysis” Agreed for quality control of papers: Bustin, S.A., et al. 2009. The MIQE Guidelines: Minimum Information for Publication of Quantitative Real-Time PCR Experiments, Clinical Chemistry 55:4, 611-622.
  • Save time and cost for primer synthesis & validation

    Precise primer designs, synthesis, and tests are crucial for accurate Real-Time PCR data. Even for experienced researchers, considerable amounts of time and money must be spent for making good primers as those require not only suitable designs, but also verification tests. With our continuous researches over the last 10 years, our Gene Expression Assay Team has acquired over 12,000 pairs of proven primer sets with strong specificity and sensitivity that are capable of producing high quality data. Furthermore, no matter what gene analysis that a customer orders, our proven experts having years of experiences can swiftly build and test the best primers to provide the gene synthesis analysis data as quickly as possible. For the improved accuracy, we undergo a primer test to see whether target specific amplification is possible. If the result does not meet the standard, we will start the whole process again from the beginning.

Figure 1. Time required for primer synthesis and verification 

A) A single target gene: Minimum 4 business days  B) Multiple target genes: 4-7 business days

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