Single Strand RNA(Custom)

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  1. Free Design Service with Provided Gene Information!
    If you need design services, simply provide the gene information, and we'll offer complimentary design services.
  2. For in vivo experiments, we recommend HPLC purification.
  3. If you require a fluorescent dye formula for RNA of 50mer or longer, please inquire at

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Single strand RNA is a service that synthesizes the sequence provided by the customer. If you have a sequence of existing single strand RNA or you know the sequence information from the article, you can enter the Sequence in the ordering manual. Single Strand RNA purification can be selected from BioRP or HPLC purification. You can also make various modifications to the desired sequence. You can order a variety of variants of Single Strand RNA using options including up to 32 different 3 'overhang selections. All Single Strand RNAs are synthesized in our high-tech Clean Room facility and are available from Bioneer's BioRP Purification, which are available free of charge. If you want higher purity RNA, we recommend HPLC purification. MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry is used to deliver the passed RNA.

Modification inquiry, please send an e-mail to or +82-42-930-8574.

If you do not know the target sequence

1) AccuTarget™ SiRNA candidate selection and synthesis among genome-wide Predesigned siRNA genes

2) For genes that are not in the AccuTarget™ Genome-wide Predesigned siRNA, free design and synthesis by Turbo si-Designer(Provides design only for synthesis in the Bioneer)

Features and Benefits

  • Proven product offerings

    We provide high-quality products synthesized in high-tech clean room. .

  • Products suitable for customer use

    The desired scale (10, 20, 50, 100 nmole) and purification method (BioRP, HPLC) are available.

    Various labeling and modification are possible, and products can be provided for the purpose of experiment.

  • Competitive Price

    You can experience maximized efficiency for your research costs.

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