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Custom siRNA service provides synthesis of siRNA with the sequence requested by the customer. Simply input the sequences known from your past experiences or research papers in the order form. Two purification methods, BioRP and HPLC, are available along with diverse modifications to the siRNA sequence. Wide choices of variants can be selected using a 32 different 3’ overhand option for 30-mer siRNA. All Custom siRNA service is done in our company’s advanced clean room facility with a free service of BioRP provided after the synthesis, but for better purity, we recommend choosing HPLC purification option. Delivery of the finalized siRNA is only done after qualifying our standards using MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry. If annealed siRNA is requested, same amount of sense and antisense RNA strands are annealed to make double stranded form and tested with PAGE before the packaging.

For modification inquiry, please contact us through or +82-42-930-8574.

If you don't know the target sequence:

1) Select from siRNA candidates among AccuTarget ™ Genome-wide Predesigned siRNA

2) For genes that are not in the AccuTarget ™ Genome-wide Predesigned siRNA, get Turbo si-Designer service for free design and synthesis (design provided only if synthesis is done in Bioneer)

Features and Benefits

  • Guaranteed qualified products 

    High-quality products synthesized in high-tech clean room

  • Highly customizable synthesis

    Choices for scale (10, 20, 50, 100 nmole), purification methods (BioRP, HPLC), labeling, and modification available depending on the experiments to be conducted

  • Competitive price

    Maximized efficiency compared with research costs

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