Proteinase K Powder for K-3031/3032/3036 (25 mg x 2)

This product is delivered in lyophilized form which is added in a solution for protein decomposition during DNA and/or RNA extraction process. It is highly recommended to store at 4℃ or -20℃ to mantain its enzymatic activities. 

Cat. No.

Features and Benefits

  • Comprehensive sample compatibility
    High-quality, high-yield genomic DNA extraction from various samples such as blood, animal tissues, cultured cells, etc.

  • Optimized for various animal tissue lysis
    Lysis Buffer (TL Buffer) included

  • High binding capacity
    Up to 30 µg using silica based DNA binding column 


• Gene cloning


• Real-time PCR

• Southern blotting

• SNP genotyping

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