ToxinCleanic Endotoxin Removal Kit

ToxinCleanic Endotoxin Removal Kit can be used with spin or gravity column method which may be used up to five times. This kit allows quick removal of endotoxin (2,000,000 EU per 1 ml of resin; 1 EU = 0.1 ng ) from protein with ease.

※This product is shipped with ice pack.

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Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) is well known as one of endotoxin. LPS consist of lipid and polysaccharide, which forms outer wall of gram negative bacteria. LPS stimulates immune cells to induce inflammation. It is constantly excreted during cellular growth to cause environmental pollution. Removal of LPS is known to be rigorous process. It can only be removed at temperature of 200 or exposure to 0.1 M of strong acid/alkaline for several hours. This kit can easily remove maximum of 2,000,000 EU endotoxins (1EU = 0.1 ng) per 1 ml of resin from protein samples.

Feature and Benefit

  • Convenience

    Easy removal of endotoxins from protein samples just by letting them pass through the resins

  • Stability

    Reusable up to five times 

  • High binding capacity

    Remove maximum of 90% (≥ 2,000,000 EU/ml of resin) endotoxins from samples


• Sample purification

• Antibody/immune related research

• Cellular experiment

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