CycleScript™ Reverse Transcriptase

CycleScript Reverse Transcriptase uses a stabilizer to synthesize cDNA even at high temperature (55°C). Not only this product is capable of performing traditional fixed temperature reverse transcription (FTRT), but also cyclic reverse transcription(CRT) through sequential temperature change in 2-3 steps.

※This product is shipped in dry ice.

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Features and Benefits

  • Flexible Reaction Conditions

    Cyclic temperature reverse transcription reaction performs primer annealing at low temperaure (15 to 40°C). As the secondary structure of template RNA is released through repeated application of high temperature (50 to 55°C), cDNA can be synthesized with more efficiency than the conventional 42°C reverse reaction. Furthermore, reverse transcription is also possible at a fixed temperature (22 ~ 55°C).

  • Stability

    Higher thermostability than conventional reverse transcriptase capable of undergoing the reverse transcription up to 55 ℃.

  • Easy of use

    Shortened reaction time not requiring pre-incubation process of primer and RNA template during the performance of cyclic reverse transcription, with simplified procedure and reduced reaction time 

  • Reproducibility

    Reproducible results with uniform quality products for each batch under the ISO 9001 quality system


  • First-strand synthesis of cDNA from RNA molecules
  • RT-PCR
  • Random priming reaction
  • Library construction
  • Probe labeling
  • mRNA 5' end mapping by primer extension analysis

Experimental data


Figure. Comparison of transferrin receptor gene amplification with different reverse transcriptases. 700 ng of total RNA was used for reverse transcription and the same amount of amplified products were used for electrophoresis.

Lane MW; 100 bp Plus DNA Ladder (Bioneer, Cat. No. D-1035)
Lane 1 - 4; TFR (Transferrin receptor gene) amplified with MMLV
Lane 5 - 8; TFR amplified with CycleScriptTM
Lane 9 - 12; TFR amplified with CycleScriptTM
Lane 13 - 16; TFR amplified with MMLV from company IA
Lane 17 - 20; TFR amplified with S-script from company S
Lane 21 - 24; TFR amplified with S-script ll from company I
Lane 25 - 28; TFR amplified with S-script lll from company I
Lane 29 - 32; TFR amplified with O-script from company Q

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