100 bp Plus DNA Ladder (-dye)

100 bp Plus DNA Ladder (-dye) is designed for size determination of double stranded DNA fragments ranging from 100 bp to 10,200 bp. The 100 bp Plus DNA Ladder consists of 19 double stranded molecular weight markers, from 100 bp to 1,000 bp in 100 bp increments, plus additional 1,200, 1,600, 2,000, 2,961, 4,000, 5,007, 5,991, 8,000, 10,200 bp fragments.

※This product is shipped in dry ice.

Cat. No.

Features and Benefits

  • Reproducibility

    Reproducible results with uniform quality products for each batch by manufacturing under ISO 9001 quality system 

  • Buffer compatibility

    Applicable with TBE or TAE buffers.


  • Avoid repetitive freezing and thawing.
  • Heating is not required before loading.

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