AccuTarget™ Negative Control siRNA

AccuTarget™ Negative control siRNA, which can be used commonly in Human, Mouse, and Rat, is a non-targeting siRNA containing a sequence with low homology to all known genes in Human, Mouse, and Rat. Therefore, it can be used as a negative control for knockdown experiments of all genes. In addition, we provide Fluorescent labeled Negative control siRNAs that can confirm siRNA uptake for easy observation of transfection efficiency.

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  • AccuTarget ™ PC siRNA (Human GAPDH, GFP, Luciferase): KD effect of highly efficient target gene is verified
  • AccuTarget ™ NC siRNA (Human, Mouse, Rat common) : The siRNA sequence has low homology to target genes
  • Fluorescently labeled siRNA allows simply to monitor siRNA delivery.
  • AccuTarget ™ Control siRNA Sets (PC+ NC): Simple and inexpensive control sets can be purchased together.
  • Various scale (5, 10, 20 nmole) and purification (BioRP, HPLC) can be selected.

Features and Benefits

  • HIgh Efficiency

    Positive control siRNA with knockdown efficiency being over 90%.

  • Convenient monitoring

    Easy validation for transfection rate of negative control set by the use of fluorescent labels

  • Financial price

    Maximized efficiency considering the research cost

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