First primer F/R sets (N terminus 6x His tag) (each 5 nmole)

First primer F/R sets are used ExiProgen™ ProXpress PCR Template Kit for its first PCR. Ordered 'First primer F/R sets' will be provided with 21 mer sequence added to each 5' end of the primer.

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This kit is for making proteins using PCR products through the manual cell-free protein synthesis kit and the automated protein synthesis device.

While using this kit, the cloning process of the target protein genes is not necessary, allowing faster expression only within a day for testing the functions of proteins. 

The template DNA is acquired using two PCR cycles. (Refer to Specifications or Manual).

1) 1st PCR : Amplication of the target protein genes using extended primer.

2) 2nd PCR : Amplication of the first PCR products using a pair of upstream and downstream cassettes and retrieval of the final template DNA with gel purification

Features and Benefits

  • Rapid process

    Acquisition of template DNA only through PCR; cloning process not required 

  • User-friendly

    Only primer sets for primary PCR target amplication is required to be prepared as all the components required for protein synthesis template DNA production is included 

  • Minimized PCR error

    AccuPower® ProFi Taq PCR PreMix with high fidelity provided to minimize the error rate of PCR reaction.

  • Flexibility

    Preparation of template DNA with His-tag at desired positions with various sizes 

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