MagListo™ 5M Plant Genomic DNA Extraction Kit (100 reactions)

MagListo™ 5M Plant Genomic DNA Extraction Kit allows extraction of total DNA using Magnetic Nanobeads and MagListo™ Magnetic Separation Rack from various plant samples such as leaves, roots, seeds. The isolated genomic DNA can be used for a wide range of experiments such as gene cloning, PCR, Quantitative real time PCR, southern blotting, etc.

Magnetic bead type

Cat. No.

Features and Benefits

  • Flexible sample choice
    Isolation of highly-pure genomic DNA from plant samples such as leaves, stem, roots, seeds with high-yield

  • Great lysis optimization 
    Lysis Buffer included in the kit for various plant seeds and tissue cells

  • Convenience
    Broad coverage of scales for Mini, Midi, and Maxi isolation protocols with just a single kit (Mini - within 5min, Midi - within 10min, Maxi - within 15min)

  • Cost-effective kit
    No need of additional expensive instruments other than the kit and MagListo™ Magnetic Separation Rack


• Gene cloning


• Real-time PCR

• Southern blotting

• SNP genotyping

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