AccuTool™ sgRNA synthesis (dRGEN) (1~2 μg)

This product is the part of AccuTool dRGEN System. It is a Genome Editing Tool capable of showing quick and efficient performance.
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Plasmid DNA-based RNA-Guided Endonuclease (dRGEN) is a new generation of engineered nuclease based on the CRISPR-Cas9 system. It is an innovative tool for genome editing composed of Cas9 nuclease and gRNA. By recognizing the target sequence (19-20 bp) and PAM sequence (5'-NGG-3'), dRGEN can easily edit any genomic regions.
The target DNA region can be effectively cleaved during either in vivo or in vitro genome editing applications (knock-in/out, and locus deletion).

Plasmid DNA-directed Cas9 protein & sgRNA

AccuTool™ gRNA & Cas9 (Plasmid) service is a plasmid-based genome editing system that allows researchers to edit the genomes in an efficient, effortless way.
It provides both custom sgRNA expression plasmid, with GFP plasmid as an optional choice, and human codon optimized Cas9 expression plasmid.
sgRNA-GFP expression plasmid allows you to confirm the activity level in cells by fluorescent microscope. Three Cas9 expression plasmids are available to be chosen: WT/Nickase/Sniper types.
They can be delivered to your cell of interest by any standard methods like lipofection, nanoparticle, or electroporation to achieve highly efficient delivery.

  • sgRNA plasmid (dRGEN) 

    AccuTool™ dRGEN service synthesizes gRNA according to the customers' requests. They can choose to insert it into either sgRNA plasmid or sgRNA-GFP plasmid. Furthermore, dRGEN positive controls targeting EGFP, CCR5, and HPRT1 genes are provided.
    They can be transfected directly into your cell of interest without any pre-treatment steps.

    dRGEN synthesis sgRNA plasmid
    sgRNA-GFP plasmid
  • pRGEN Cas9-Customized vector
    Cas9 (Nickase)/
    Sniper Cas9
    CMV/T7 Basic
    Ef1α Basic
  • Smallest size Cas9 from Campylobacter jejuni

    CjCas9 is derived from Campylobacter jejuni (C. jejuni) and is the smallest Cas9 orthologue (2.9 kb), which improves upon the disadvantages of large-sized SpCas9 (4 kb), derived from Streptococcus pyogenes (S. pyogenes).
    The small size of CjCas9 allows usage in clinical studies.

Features and Benefits

  • Wide usage

    BIONEER provides the gRNA of your desired sequence and the dRGEN positive controls (EGFP, CCR5, and HPRT1 gene).
    The plasmid type allows the products to be applied in a wide variety of researches.

  • Easy and simple to use

    Easily create a cell-line with your desired selection marker and deliver the products into your cell of interest with chemical transfection or electroporation.

  • Economical & Fast Delivery

    Get your products quickly at a reasonable price.

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