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• Donor Synthesis

Single strand Donor ssDNA Donor (130~150nt) ATC-0105 ssDNA Donor (151~400nt) ATC-0106
ssDNA Donor (401~2,000nt) ATC-0107 Order sheet Send the completed order sheet to the following address:
Double strand Donor dsDNA Donor ATC-0108

Donor Synthesis for Knock-In Researches

Homology-directed repair (HDR) is a major DSB repair system, capable of performing gene knock-in/out, replacement, and point mutations.
The Knock-in, which inserts a target gene into a specific part of the genome, restores DSB by inserting a donor template containing a homologous sequence, so precise genome editing is possible through the HDR system.
The donor template used here contains homology arms on either side of the insertion (or desired to be modified) sequence.
AccuTool™ Donor synthesis service is available in either double-stranded form (dsDNA Donor) or single-stranded form (ssDNA Donor).
The efficiency of the HDR system may vary by target DNA region, donor template, etc. (Figure 1).

ssDNA Donor dsDNA Donor
  • Minimized off-target
  • Improved knock-in efficiency
  • Minimized cytotoxins, having a wide range of compatible cell types for knock-in
  • 100~150 bp
  • Optimal for introduction of point mutation small-tagged insert
  • Commonly used form of donor DNA
  • Affordable than single-stranded DNA type
  • Used for long homology arms
  • Optimal for introduction of large size fragment

Figure 1. HDR pathway uses homologous donor template (dsDNA Donor or ssDNA Donor) to be inserted accurately.

• Donor Synthesis Service

ssDNA or dsDNA can be synthesized according to the customer’s request. Donor templates can be customized and ordered from BIONEER's Donor Design Service.
For researchers having trouble, BIONEER designs the donor templates with high knock-in efficiency.


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