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  • Though the all the sequencing procedures can be done without following the guideline, we highly recommend sending the samples according to the sample requirements.
  • Sequencing Service will be processed after customer samples are received, so separate settlement must be made separately from other products for the convenience of settlement
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Sequencing Service Order, sequencing
Sequencing Service Order

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    Our company not only utilizes advanced automatic gene analyzer ABI3730XL capable of sequencing various templates such as plasmid DNA and PCR products, but also consists of experts and rich infrastructures to provide reliable data for researchers. Furthermore, using our own gene synthesis techniques, both sequencing and oligo synthesis service can be simultaneously run to get the results in a short time. This is especially the case for primer walking and virus/vector sequence validation.

    Features and Benefits

    • Accuracy

    High quality data with accurate results through automated process (Phred Score ≥20, Guaranteed read lengths ≥700bp)

    • Free universal primer

    Supply of commonly used universal primer capable of being selected upon order


    • Working Day: Completion within 48 hours of receiving time

    • After completing the service, we will provide 4 types of files (ab1, text, PDF, full text) and reports.

    • Samples and primers will be discarded after 1 month. A seperate request is required for a long-term storage



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