AccuPower® Theileria PCR Kit

AccuPower® Theileria PCR Kit is designed to detect 16 species of Theileria genus from blood of Theileria-infected livestock.
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Theileria, which is parasitic on red blood cells in human or animals, has been mainly distributed in trophical and  subtrophical region so far, but shows also increasing global distribution by the effect of global warming. Theileria-related disease is distributed globally in livestocks. It is mediated by 3 kinds of ticks in their hosts, which are found in Korea also. It shows 70-100% of significant ratio of infection in Korea, and 30-50% of that of proceeding into disease. Once-infected animal may mediate infection of those microbials to other animals, and would give huge damage to livestock farmers. Theileria-infected human or animal shows symptons including anemia by hemolysis, fatigue, loss of appetite, headache, high fever and chill at 1-4 weeks after infection. It may result in fatality if an immune suppressed animal is infected.

AccuPower® Theileria PCR Kit Animal Disease Standard Diagnostic Method (QIA*) G company (Germany) B company (Chile)
Theileria Detection of 16 species of Theileria with ~ 10 copies of sensitivity Detection of 1 species (T. Sergenti only) Single detected (T.annulataTheileriagenus kit Single detected (T.annulata, T.ovis, T.lestoquardi,T.parvaTheileriagenus kit
* QIA: Animal, Plant and Fisheries Quarantine and Inspection Agency, Korea


Developed cooperatively with QIA(Quarantine and Inspection Agency), Application of patent completed (Patented).

High performance
  Detection of 16 kinds of Theileria

Theileria Detected

Theileria annulata, Theileria buffeli, Theileria cervi, Theileria equi, Theileria lestoquardi, Theileria mutans, Theileria orientalis, Theileria ovis, Theileria parva, Theileria separata, Theileria sergenti, Theileria sinensis, Theileria taurotragi, Theileria uilenbergi, Theileria velifera, and Theileria youngi

World-class sensitivity and specificity
Provides high sensitivity by Chemical-Mediated HotStart method to detection limit of 10 copies of Theileria sergenti.
Great reproducibility
Dried-type HotStart PCR PreMix type – Addition of template DNA and DW only required & highly reproducible result provided.
 Prevention of amplicon-induced cross-contamination by 8-MOP
Binding of 8-MOP (8-methoxypsoralen) to DNA double-helix structure, followed by UV irradiation.

> High Stability
1-year warranty under -20 °C.

> Quality Control
All AccuPower® products are manufactured under ISO 9001 Quality Control System.
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