AccuPaste™ CNT Heating Paste, 600 Ohm

AccuPaste CNT Heating Paste is a heating element composed of carbon nanotube (CNT) material. Unlike general heating paste, it maintains heat resistance without peeling of coating film at high temperature (maximum 320℃) and shows the best effect. It can be applied to heat-generating material due to thermal conductivity, ESD/EMI shielding material by electric conductivity, and transparent electrode material.
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  • A coating layer maintains the heat-resisting property under high temperature environment (maximum 320℃) unlike the general heating paste.

  • Temperature elevation rate of AccuPaste™ CNT Heating Paste is faster than the sheath heater comprised of an existing Ni-Chrome resistance wire, and its electric efficiency is excellent even at low Voltage.

  • The heat generated by CNT Heating Paste cause less air pollution, noise and radiation.

  • AccuPaste™ CNT Heating Paste’s application can be classified into: 1) heat generation materials based on high heat conductivity, 2) ESD/EMI shielding material based on electric conductivity, and 3) the transparent conductive film for the touch screen.

  • High heat-generating AccuPaste™ CNT Heating Paste is used to manufacture high-temperature heating devices and constant-temperature heating devices. It is suitable for manufacturing premium products that require thinness and sophisticated design.

  • AccuPaste™ CNT Heating Paste meets these demands and requirements.

Features and Benefits

  • CNT nano-material has an excellent dimensional stability with a lower Coefficient of thermal expansion value (α: -2 ~ +5 X 106 K-1) compared to the other existing materials.

  • High stability against most chemicals and solvents.

  • There is no biological infringement or blazing fire.

  • The electromagnetic wave shielding function in AccuPaste™ CNT Heating Paste shields the electromagnetic waves produced during energization, and the intensity of electromagnetic wave generated hardly affects the human body.

  • The high thermal conductivity and far-infrared radiation capability enable the heating of an expansive space by instantaneous heat generation and far-infrared radiation.

  • Far-infrared rays resonate with water molecules in the living body,  which causes biothermal effect and leads to a physiologically active state.

  • The high-heat generating property can be used as a amterial of a heating device or an industrial heating material.

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