AccuPaste™ CNT Heating Paste, 75 Ohm

AccuPasteTM CNT Heating Paste is a heating element composed of carbon nanotube (CNT) material. Unlike general heating paste, it maintains heat resistance without peeling of coating film at high temperature (maximum 320℃) and shows the best effect. It can be applied to heat-generating material due to thermal conductivity, ESD/EMI shielding material by electric conductivity, and transparent electrode material.

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  • This product is a heating element made of carbon nanotubes which have high thermal resistance (maximum of 320 ℃) having optimum condition at high temperature and capable of maintaining the coating without peeling off.The rate of temperature rise of the heating paste is faster than that of the conventional sheath heater of nichrome wire method, and shows very good electric heating efficiency even at low resistance.

  • This product has higher temperature increase compared to traditional heating pastes made with nichrome wire method, allowing the former to have good electric heating efficiency even at low resistance.

  • Heat generated by CNT materials heat cause less production of air pollution, noise, and electromagnetic waves.

  • High thermal and electric conductivity allows the product to have wide variety of applications including, but not limited to ESD/EMI shielding and transparent electrode material.

  • Due to the limitations of traditional heating materials, AccuPaste™ can be used as an replacement for increase of demand for new material

Features and Benefits

  • Excellent dimensional stability
    Lower thermal expansion coefficient of CNT nanomaterial than other traditional materials (Coefficient of thermal expansion : -2 ~ +5 X 10 6 K -1)Very high stability to chemicals and solvents.

  • Comprehensive compatibility
    High resistance to solvents and other chemicals, with no biological infringement or deterioration

  • Immense thermal conductivity
    Wide space heating with high thermal conductivity allowing instantaneous heat generation and far infrared radiation

  • Electromagnetic shielding
    Low generation of electromagnetic waves during heat generation and shielding them, having less effect on human health

  • High heat generation
    Far-infrared rays show resonance effect with water molecule in living body, warming the body to effect his or her physiological activity

  • Effective heat emission
    Great heat emission characteristics allowing application to heating equipment and industrial heat dissipation material

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