AccuPower® SARS-CoV-2 Variant ID Real-Time RT-PCR Kit(RUO_Mastermix)

AccuPower® SARS-CoV-2 Variant ID Real-Time RT-PCR Kit(Mastermix type) is an in vitro diagnostic kit that helps diagnose SARS-CoV-2 variants. The spike gene (S gene) is the key region to monitor the mutants with the recent arising from emergence variants from SARS-CoV-2. The kit is able to detect 5 genes about S gene mutation hot-spots in 2 tubes. Sputum, nasopharyngeal swab, and oropharyngeal swab from suspected infection patient’s sample can be used.

Cat. No.

"Herd Immunity"

COVID-19 variant ID kit


  1. Detection of S gene mutation hot-spots: Only essential targets are included in the kit.
  2. Enhanced Sensitivity & Specificity: Bioneer’s proprietary Dual-HotStart technology accomplishes high sensitivity and specificity.
  3. Compatible with the various system: Exicycler™ 96(BIONEER), ABI7500Fast(Thermofisher), Quantstudio 5(Thermofisher)
  4. 2 different types(Premix & Mastermix) are available for the user's convenience. If you want premix type please click here.


COVID-19 variant ID kit


  • Kit type: Mastermix type
  • Specimen type: Sputum, Nasopharyngeal swab, Oropharyngeal swab
  • Compatible system: Exicycler™96(BIONEER), ABI 7500 FAST(ThermoFisher), QuanStudio5(ThermoFisher)

SMVR-2112 SMVR-1111
Target Tube 1: RdRp/N gene, Hv69/70 deletion, N501Y,
Tube 2: E484K, K417N/T, P681H
Reagent type Master mix type Vacuum dried premix type
Real-Time PCR Exicycler™96(BIONEER)
ABI 7500 FAST(ThermoFisher)
Tube/test 2 tubes/50 tests 2 tubes/48 tests
Turnaround time 1h 30min

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Cat. No. Product Description
SMVR-2112 AccuPower® SARS-CoV-2 Variant ID Real-Time RT-PCR Kit

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