ExiPrep™ Dx Viral DNA/RNA Kit

ExiPrep™ Dx Viral DNA/RNA Kit is designed for accurate and rapid extraction of viral DNA or RNA using ExiPrep™ 16Dx from clinical samples such as plasma, serum, swab, urine, stool, CSF, etc. ExiPrep™ Dx Viral DNA/RNA Kit contains all buffers and consumables necessary for efficient and effective viral DNA or RNA extraction.
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Features and Benefits

1. Simultaneous extraction of nucleic acids from up to 16 clinical samples
2. Optimized protocols for nucleic acid extraction according to sample types are pre-installed for reproducible results.
3. ExiPrep™16 Dx system uses silica magnetic beads developed and produced with Bioneer’s technology.
4. Pre-filled buffer cartridge system


Technology Magnetic Silica Beads
Main sample type Plasma, serum, swab, urine, stool, CSF
Starting volume 400 ㎕
Elution volume 50 ㎕
Instrumentation ExiPrep™16 Dx Fully Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction System
Tests 96
Certification CE, MFDS


Diagnosis of infectious disease based on real-time PCR:
Hepatitis, influenza virus, CMV, EBV, BKV, etc.





Figure 1. Real time PCR results using ExiPrep™ Dx Viral DNA/RNA Kit, AccuPower® Influenza A Real-Time RT-PCR Kit (IFA-1111) and run on Exicycler™ 96 Real-Time Quantitative Thermal Block with influenza A RNA extracted from serum samples.

Ordering Informations

Cat. No. Product Description
K-4471 ExiPrep™ Dx Viral DNA/RNA Kit (96 tests)

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ISO 13485 - certificate

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