AccuPower®qPCR Array System: Immune qPCR Panel Kit

AccuPower® Immune qPCR Panel Kit is a qPCR array panel built to screen multiple immune Biomarkers at once. It is designed based on the Primer library accumulated by BIONEER for more than 20 years. The user only has to put in the template of interest and a Master Mix and the experiment can be started right away. Furthermore, the data from in vivo to clinical tests can be synced by developing a Mouse Immune Gene Panel with the same gene configuration as that of a Human Immune Gene Panel.

• This product is manufactured as a 96-well plate (Cat. No. 3111-53, Bioneer) compatible with BIONEER's Exicycler™ 96 (Real-Time PCR System).
If you want to make a plate compatible with a third-party equipment, there is a separate cost, so please send an order email to
• This product only contains pre-dispensed qPCR primer and probe, so a master mix has to be purchased separately.
As low as $380.00
Cat. No.

Features and Benefits

  • Reliability

    Production procedures are in accordance with the MIQE guideline[1] standard, the qPCR paper criterion proposed by Real-Time PCR experts.

    [1] Bustin, S.A., et al. 2009. The MIQE Guidelines: Minimum Information for Publication of Quantitative Real-Time PCR Experiments, Clinical Chemistry 55:4, 611-622.

  • Fidelity

    qPCR primer supplied in the kit guarantees qPCR efficiency of 90-110%, and a detection capacity 100 copies per run.

  • User-friendly Protocol

    Simplified procedure allow a head-start, After an addition of the target template and a Master Mix only, the user can start the experiment.

  • Economical Price

    Reduced time and cost to design a primer, synthesieze, and test for efficiency.

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