AccuPower® Monkeypox Detection Kit(RUO, Master mix)

This kit is intended for the analysis the qualitative detection of Monkeypox Virus nucleic acids from a specimen(such as skin lesions) through Real-Time Polymerase chain reaction (PCR).

Cat. No.


  1. Enhanced Sensitivity & Specificity : Bioneer’s patented technology accomplishes high sensitivity and specificity.

  2. Compatible with the various system: Exicycler™ 96(BIONEER), ABI7500Fast, Quatistuido™5(Thermofisher), CFX 96(Bio-Rad)

    *Limitation: This kit is a qualitative assay for Research Use Only (RUO) and is not intended for diagnostic purposes.


Monkeypox data

                                   Example of amplification curve(Validation with internal positive control)

                                   Concentration: 102~108 copies


    • Kit type : Master Mixture type
    • Sample type : Monkeypox Virus DNA extracted from a specimen(such as skin lesions)
    • Compatible system: Exicycler™96(BIONEER), ABI 7500 FAST, QuantiStudio™5(ThermoFisher), CFX 96(Bio-Rad)

    Reagent Unit Master mix type
    Master mix

    2.0 ml tube (Amber tube)

    550 ul/tube X 1 tubes

    Enzyme mix

    2.0 ml tube (Red cap tube)

    550 ul/tube X 1 tubes

    Positive Control

    2.0 ml tube (Blue cap tube)

    150 ul/tube X 1 tubes


    2.0 ml tube (Greencap tube)

    150 ul/tube X 1 tubes


    2.0 ml tube (Clear cap tube)

    150 ul/tube X 1 tubes

    Quick Manual


    1 ea

    a : Internal Positive Control, b : No Template Control

    Ordering Information

    Cat. No. Product Description
    MPVR-2112 AccuPower® Monkeypox Detection Kit

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    ISO 13485 - certificate

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