S. pombe Haploid Deletion Mutant Set ver 6.0 Life Time (3,497 strains)

Yeast genome-wide knockout libraries

S.pombe Genome-wide Deletion Mutant Library is consisted of haploid 3,497 deletion mutants produced by gene-targeting method. Based on the phenotype of gene deletion, It can be effectively applied to studies on gene function analysis and identification of new drug targets through drug reaction analysis.

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Features and Benefits

  • Deletion mutants of each S.pombe gene

  • Similar physiological process with mammalian cells

  • Human cancer-related genes with over 30% of homology

  • Rapid cell cycle(~3h) with simplified analysis of molecular biological mechanism and pathway

  • Phenotype analysis possible with it's recessive mutant type 

  • Unknown genomic function analysis through functional complementation

  • Drug target screening at the genomic level in living cells available 


 S. pombe (Schizosaccharomyces pombe) Genome-wide Deletion Mutant Library was developed in collaboration with BIONEER, Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology (KRIBB) and Cancer Research UK. BIONEER is the only institute with exclusive business license.

It is a powerful research tool for gene function analysis, drug target identification, validation studies, and global cell function studies. It can also be used for gene function analysis and drug screening, such as gene expression and synthetic lethal analysis.

S. pombe Deletion Mutant Library was produced by homologous recombination, replacing the target gene with a selective cassette containing KanMX4

-The heterozygous diploid deletion mutants library consists of a total of 4,845 variants, accounting for approximately 98% of the total genome (including 4,914 total ORFs).

- The homozygous haploid deletion mutants library consists of a total of 3,497 variants.

Each strain has a specific barcode on both sides of the selective marker (KanMX4), which provides an easy means of analyzing large amounts of gene function and drug target screening in the entire strain pool. In addition, by analyzing the expression traits of each individual strain, it can be used effectively to identify the function of genes.



Application #1. Target screening for anti-fungal agents


Figure 1. An anti-fungal agent (Terbinafine) was applied to the S. pombe deletion mutant library to confirm the previously known target erg1 gene, and the pmm1 gene was newly discovered as a new target.

Application #2. Target screening for anti-hyperlipidemic agents


Figure 2. The hmg1 gene which is the S.pombe ortholog of HMG1, the target of the hyperlipidemic agent (simvastatin), was confirmed through target screening

 (S. pombe can be found to be more effective in screening for this hyperlipidemic drug)

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