AccuPower® HotStart ProFi Taq PCR PreMix

AccuPower® HotStart ProFi Taq PCR PreMix uses HotStart ProFi Taq DNA Polymerase maximizes PCR efficiency by removing PCR inhibitor, and it allows amplification of long template DNA with high fidelity. Moreover, by applying HotStart technology, this prevents the formation of mis-primed products and primer-dimers during the reaction set up process resulting in improved PCR specificity.
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Features and Benefits

  • Specificity
    Minimized amplification of non-specific PCR Products, maximized reaction efficiency, and effective amplification even with a small amount of template DNA through the application of HotStart technology.

  • Long Range PCR
    Effective amplification of large genomic DNA fragments up to 20 kb of human DNA.

  • User-friendly
    Reactants are individually packaged in each of the PCR tubes, it allows any user simply perform PCR by adding template DNA and primers.
    The tube also has tracking dye and sedimentation agents for electrophoresis, so sample loading buffer is not required.

  • Stability
    Included stabilizer provides prolonged storage and increased stability compared to solution-type products.

  • Reproducibility
    Reproducible experimental results with minimized lot-to-lot variation under ISO 9001 Quality System.


  • High Specificity PCR
  • Long-range amplification from genomic DNA
  • High Yield and Sensitivity PCR

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