AccuPower® Epigene™ Methylation-Specific PCR PreMix

AccuPower® Epigene™ Methylation-Specific PCR PreMix is suitable for amplifying Bisulfite-treated DNA as it contains an additive solution that enhances primer binding efficiency. The HotStart Taq DNA polymerase in the PreMix improves the reaction specificity and PCR amplification efficiency with reduced non-specific reactions such as mis-priming and primer-dimer. Furthermore, stabilizers are added to keep the activity stable for one month when stored at room temperature (25°C) and for two years when stored in a freezer.

※PreMix product is shipped at room temperature. The reaction mixture contains stabilizers that keep full activity of enzymes even at the ambient temperature.

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Features and Benefits

  • Specificity
    Optimized for DNA amplification containing a lot of Uracil(U) like AT-rich Target and Bisulfite-treated DNA.

  • User-friendly
    Each PCR tube contains necessary components for immediate PCR by simply adding D.W., primer set, and DNA template. The tube also has Tracking Dye and Sedimentation Agents for electrophoresis, eliminating the need for sample loading buffers.

  • Stability
    Stable kit activity by adding stabilizing agents in the PCR reaction mixture even after long storage period.

  • Diversity
    Accurate amplification from diverse targets such as gDNA template, Low-copy target, bisulfite-treated DNA.

  • Reproducibility
    Reproducible experimental results from minimizing lot-to-lot variation under ISO 9001 Quality System.


• GC-rich PCR

• DNA Methylation

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