MicroBiome Assay Taq DNA Polymerase

While most of the Taq DNA polymerase products have high chance of being contaminated by host cell E. coli genomic DNA, our MBA (MicroBiome Assay) Taq DNA has been purified with our own technology, which can minimize the host cell gDNA contamination and be effectively used for detection of microorganisms with 16s rRNA specific primers.

※ This product is shipped in dry ice.

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Features and Benefits

  • Minimized DNA contamination
    - Reduced false positives caused by host cell DNA contamination and other errors from unwanted PCR products during microbial PCR assay

  • High sensitivity and amplification efficiency
    - Optimized for microbial PCR assay and 16s rRNA researches by using the innovative purification technology developed by BIONEER to minimize host cell DNA contamination.


  • Real-time quantification of DNA and cDNA targets using dual probe and dsDNA binding dye

  • Gene Expression profiling

  • Microbial & Viral pathogen detection

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