Mutagenesis Custom Order

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  • Services related to gene synthesis require some time to ship. Please order separately from the other products.
  • Only orders before 16:00 KST will start on the same day. (If we need to receive your samples, it will start on the date of their arrival.)
  • COVID-19 / Inf A, B related gene synthesis and cloning service are not available.
  • For genes exceeding 3kb, please fill out the Order Form and send it to



Mutagenesis service provides mutant gene synthesis essential for researches based on not only protein structure and functions, but also improvements on enzymatic functions easily through Bioneer’s gene synthesis service.

Features and Benefits

  • Efficiency

    Save time and money through manufacturing by integrated production system from genetic raw material to high-speed oligo synthesizer

  • Accuracy

    100% guaranteed exact sequences using Automatic DNA sequencer (ABI 3730)

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