Oligo Synthesis

Oligo synthesis


All oligos provided by Bioneer are applied to the AccuOligo® system, and all oligos are produced in a clean room and supplied to customers in a DNase, RNase, and DNA free state. Generally, supplied oligos go through synthesis, purification, QC, and dispensing processes, are dried, and are then delivered to customers. In the case of conventional synthesis services, there is a chance that dried oligos may fall during their delivery from shaking and impacts.
If the containers are opened during the delivery, parts of oligos may fall out, leading to yield loss. This may be much more severe when ordered in plates as cross-contaminations may occur. AccuOligo® technology allows the synthesized oligonucleotides to stick at the bottom of the tube even under intense vibrations. (Dried oligonucleotide composition of the new patent application’ Patent 2006 Registration Number 10-0777249)
Preventing dislodging and loss of oligos during production, packaging, and shipping
Containing “Leak Inhibitors” not affecting protocols such as PCR, Sequencing, Enzyme cutting, etc.
Overcomes the phenomenon of small amounts of Oligo adhering to the lid
Prevent contamination between each well in the plate
  • Thorough quality control
    A total of 7 MALDI-TOF spectrometers are used to conduct QC inspection.
  • High-quality oligo
    Supply of nuclease-free, DNA-free oligo by synthesizing in a clean room and eliminating truncated failures including n-1 mer with our proprietary Bio-RP high-purity purification system.
  • Exact concentration
    To deliver with exact concentration, Bioneer use automatic dosing dispenser and Accuoligo® technology, to prevent the loss of oligo during transportation and opening.
  • Automated production
    By establishing the world's first automated production line process, the entire process from ordering to synthesis, QC, and packaging is automated and produced using the ‘Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) system.’
  • Mass production capacity
    Able to produce maximum of 30,500 synthetic genes per day, and large-scale synthesis in mg to kg units is possible.


Bioneer siRNAs are manufactured in an RNase-free clean room and have proven to be highly efficient and stable after undergoing a strict QC process. Using the highly efficient Turbo si-Designer, 132,000 predesigned siRNAs have been designed and prepared for 44,000 target genes in humans, mice, and rats, with over 250 different modifications.
Turbo si-Designer
In collaboration with NGIC, we've created Turbo si-Designer, an algorithm for designing siRNAs. Our Genome-wide siRNA database offers highly efficient knockdown options.
The Bioneer's Guarantee
Guarantee Purchase three siRNAs for the same gene: We guarantee 80% or higher mRNA knockdown efficiency for at least two out of three. If not met, we'll provide additional siRNAs free of charge until the desired efficiency is achieved.
AccuTarget™ Genome-Wide Predesigned siRNA
Maximizes siRNA knockdown efficiency while minimizing off-target effects.
Single strand RNA
Custom RNA Synthesis is a service that synthesizes RNA sequences requested by customers, and over 250 different modifications are available.
Double strand RNA
Custom siRNA Synthesis is a service that synthesizes siRNA sequences requested by customers, and over 250 different modifications are available.
AccuTarget ™ Human miRNA mimics & inhibitors
AccuTarget ™ human miRNA is provided by synthesizing the sequence information of miRBase Ver.22.
AccuTarget ™ miRNA Controls
Verified highly efficient target gene KD effect AccuTarget ™ PC siRNA (Human GAPDH, GFP, Luciferase)
AccuTarget ™ siRNA Controls
Verified highly efficient target gene KD effect AccuTarget ™ PC siRNA (Human GAPDH, GFP, Luciferase) Products with low homology to the target geneAccuTarget ™ NC siRNA (for Human, Mouse, Rat)
AccuTarget™ qPCR Primer Library
Real-time PCR primers for 11,154 human predesigned siRNAs with proven amplification efficiency.
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